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Department of Defense

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Veterans Administration

Our products are designed for Mission Readiness, Mission Objectives Industrial & Medical.  Safety is in your Hands! Our face mask are superior and in compliance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) as referenced by the FDA. Standard ASTM F2100-11 (2011) performance requirements for Medical Face Masks and the five basic criteria:

1. BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) at 3.0 micron ASTM F2101    

2. PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency) at 0.1 micron ASTM F2299

3. Delta P (Differential Pressure) MIL-M-36954C, mm H2O/cm2

4. Fluid Resistance to synthetic blood ASTM 1862, mm Hg

5. Flame Spread 16 CFR part 1610

Iroquois SDVOB/SVOB Certified Small Business Concern 
Certified SDVOB/SVOB Small Disadvantaged Business Concern    Medical Supply Chain (MSC) Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor  Defense Logistics Agency DAPA Holder “Distribution and Pricing Agreement”

 1st generation USAF James A. Brown (SDV), Dr. Michael A. Brown USAF (Vet), Dennis W. Brown US. Army (SDV), Ricky R. Brown USAF (Vet),

     Administrative & Logistics Personnel.

Aimee S. Brown, Marsha L. Brown, Dustan A. Brown, Jarett D. Brown, Amber H. Brown, Princess H. Brown, Razanio T. Brown.

 Service Disabled Certified Veteran Owned Concern

Government Approval Source Code



NAICS Code: 339113, 312112, 323111, 424130
Cage Code: 7AKX5,          Dunns# 079669808

“In support of U.S. and Allied Troops”, “We shall never vacillate”,” It’s just that simple”.

Toll Free: 1-866-926

Martin Brown Inc, a DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Med/Surg Prime Vendor, was awarded a fixed price DAPA (Distribution and Pricing Agreement) Med/Surg contract by the    Defense Logistics Agency.

The new DAPA contract (#SP0200-17-H-0052) was awarded to M.B.I., on July, 20th 2017. The contract remains in effect until July, 2030. 

“I worked extremely diligent and hard for this honor, I am pleased to have earned this awarded DAPA contract on behalf of the Department of Defense, the Defense Logistics Agency”, said Ricky Razanio Brown, CEO and SDVOB/SVOB owner. “The DAPA procurement  award allows M.B.I. to globally reach and serve a multitude of mission critical government  agencies.”
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